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Better cases Handled with the Better Legal Measures

The purpose of a case conference is to allow you and your partner to agree on some or all of your disputes without a motion or trial. Each conference is an opportunity to get closer to an agreement with your partner.The Family Law Rules tell you what to do at every stage of a court proceeding. The Rule 17 Lecture explains how to prepare for your conference regarding the case and its development.

The case conference is held in a courtroom or conference room of the courthouse. If neither you nor your partner has a lawyer, it will likely be in a courtroom.Usually, at the entrance to the courthouse or outside courtrooms, there is a list of cases heard that day, with their room number. If you have trouble finding the list or your room, ask for help at the Registry. The use of the law conference takes place there.

Allow enough time for your conference. Expect to spend at least half a day in court. Although conferences usually last about one hour, honorable judge may request you and your spouse to use the time for discussing and resolving your disputes.You can consult a lawyer for help with your case conference. If you cannot afford to opt for a lawyer for the entire case, some lawyers give “limited” services. That means that the lawyer you hire only works on part of your case.If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer at all, there are other ways to get legal help.

Specific measures

If you need an interpreter or other accommodation because of a disability, apply for it.

To do this, you can contact a court staff member or the courthouse accessibility information coordinator directly.

  1. Get the date of your case conference

If you have a first appearance, the court clerk sets the date for your case conference after verifying that you and your partner have correctly completed and served your documents.The first appearance is called the administrative appearance. It does not take place in front of a judge, nor even in a courtroom.

There is a first appearance if your case is heard by:

TheCourt of Justice

  • Division of the Family Court of the Superior Court of Justice, unless there is a petition for divorce or division of property.
  • There is no first appearance in the cases heard by the Superior Court of Justice.
  • If your case does not include a first appearance, you or your partner must ask the court clerk (link is external) to set a date for a case conference to get your case going. The best option for low-cost online wills is using a website that provides an attorney to complete your online will. Many attorneys are now providing low-cost, online legal services. With a website that provides will forms online created for you by a licensed attorney, you get the best of both worlds.

The clerk gives you the date of your case conference and signs Form 17 Notice of Conference, which you must serve on your partner. For more information, see the document meaning guide.

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